I will make a decision for you

make a decision for you

About This Gig

Please message me before ordering gig.
If it's a niche topic that I'm not knowledgable about, I won't be able to make an informed decision for you, so that's why I prefer to hear about your issue first. But if you just want an answer based on chance that's fine too, just let me know.

I will tell you about my thought process if you'd like (listing out pros and cons, etc.), or give you just an answer. It's up to you :)

I am open-minded, non-judgmental, and an over-thinker. I enjoy helping people, and consider myself very empathetic. I strive to be versatile in life, and understand others'  ways of living. I can give you any type of opinion, whether it be personal and subjective or I can try to be as objective as a human can be. Specify what you like if you have specifications.