I will do any work in MS Excel

do any work in MS Excel
do any work in MS Excel
do any work in MS Excel

About This Gig

Hi, my name is Ravindra . I love working with Ms Excel: it's challenging and there is very often space for improvement. I like to optimize file, data and processes.

"I can help you out with your issue(s) in excel". 

Microsoft Excel can store your business data, Analyze your business Transactions, Compare different variables involved in your  Business Scenario.

1) Creating chart, Flowchart
2) Financial modelling
3) Automatic changing color of bar in chart according to budget & Actual
4) Dashboard
5) Breaking the password of excel Sheet 
6) Removing duplicates 
7) Creating Macro.
8) Data Cleansing- Removing Duplicates
9) Handling huge records
10) Data Analysis and Excel formula 
11) Work on logical stuffs
12) Data Arrangement 
13) Putting charts and color themes for presentation and many more....

I have 5+ years of experience in excel.I can provide you massive help to do the work easily in excel.