I will be your Christian Writer for $5

be your Christian Writer
be your Christian Writer

About This Gig

I am presently employed to Chalfant Eckert Publishing as an Editor and Ghost-writer. For this gig, I can provide the following services:

I am an Editor
Analyses, improves, and polishes content for writers/authors from initial draft to final revision, ensuring content maintains the author’s voice while meeting quality and publication standards. 

I write books.
Books will always be in high demand, and there is at least one book in all of us. 

I write movies.
There is a growing need for more spiritual, and family oriented movies. I think the world has grown tired of profanity and lewdness, and there is a growing appreciation for clean movies that impact lives in a meaningful and challenging way. 

I write plays.
This avenue of story-telling has existed for centuries, even before the invention of television, and continues to be a very effective medium in conveying a powerful message. 

Please contact me before ordering for a custom quote. I look forward to writing your story.