I will play and record rock BASS guitar for your original song

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play and record rock BASS guitar for your original song
play and record rock BASS guitar for your original song

About This Gig

I will record a high quality 48k 24-bit unprocessed mono wav bass track for your song for $5 per 60 sec of song length (no partial minutes).  I can play nearly any genre of music, but I really love ROCK & METAL!

The best part is I can get your tracks to you in under 2 days!  For a little extra, I can get your tracks to you in under 24 hours!  I record using Pro Tools, and my sound comes from my Ibanez GSR206SM 6-String Electric Bass into my Line 6 Pod Pro Preamp.

How I work:

1) Contact me with instructions, reference audio and song BPM. 

2) I record your bass track, and send you a mix of the track and your reference audio for your approval.

3) If you approve, I will send you a custom offer to pay for the bass track and deliver it within minutes!  Nothing out of pocket until you are satisfied!

Commercial Usage is granted for any promotion, business or other commercial use. This does not include reproduction rights and Copyright is retained by seller.

C. Alan Robinson

Order Details

2 days delivery

Rock Bass Tracks

I will record for a you a killer ROCK bass track for $5 per min of song length!

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Number of seconds
This Package includes 60 words. For each additional 60 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most other bass players on Fiverr require payment up front... how come you don't?
    Two reasons: 1) It is less risk for you to give me a shot at playing on your track without having to pay in advance. If you don't like the bass track, there is nothing to cancel. 2) Once you order the track, and I can deliver it in a short amount of time, I look good to Fiverr! Win Win!
  • What do you need to get started on a bass track?
    1) An mp3 of the song without bass 2) the exact tempo of the song in BPM 3) Any directions, like how busy or simple you want the track to be, where in the song do you NOT want bass, etc. 4) The chords to the song (doc or pdf) 5) How soon you want the bass track (expedited?) That is it
  • What if I don't have the chords of the song written out?
    That is ok. It is always easier to play a new song when you have the chords and arrangement written out for you. I can determine the chords by ear, but it will take extra time and there will be a $10 "Flying Blind" charge to do that.
  • Why do you charge extra for alternate tuning?
    It is one thing to spend the time to change my tuning, but depending on how crazy the tuning is, I will also have to adjust my playing to this new tuning (notes aren't in the same place as before). They both take time to do, so it is only fair to ask for extra $$ for the extra time.