I will record a movie trailer style VOICEOVER

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record a movie trailer style VOICEOVER
record a movie trailer style VOICEOVER
record a movie trailer style VOICEOVER
record a movie trailer style VOICEOVER

About This Gig

I am a full-time voice talent and I can record your next movie trailer style voice over, up to 150 words, for only $5!  

When ordering, please refer to the gig video, and choose voice #1, #2 or #3.

You can listen to my demos below:

Commercial Demo: https://soundcloud.com/calanrobinson/commerical-vo-demo/s-wOIaa

Movie Trailer Style Voice Overs for ANYTHING you need!

If you have a longer script, pricing is as follows:

  • 151-300 words = 2 gigs
  • 301-450 words = 3 gigs
  • 451-600 words = 4 gigs
  • 601-750 words = 5 gigs
  • 751-900 words = 6 gigs

PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST for a quote and availability for orders larger than 900 words.

I will not do adult/sexual content, or explicit language.   I also will not complete orders with foreign names or words. ENGLISH ONLY.

If you are ordering a list of words please order one gig for every 75 words.

Commercial Usage is granted for any promotion, business or other commercial use. This does not include reproduction rights and Copyright is retained by seller.

Important: Orders with multiple elements (VO +  music + effects) may be completed in phases.

Order Details

Movie Trailer Style Voice Over

150 word movie trailer style stereo voice over delivered in 24 hours

  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Orders with Music and/or Effects will be done in "Phases"? What does that mean?
    To avoid unnecessary revisions, I will deliver the "VO Only" first, you will approve it or want a change, and then I will add the music and/or effects to complete the rest of the order. Depending on the speed of your approval, I will still make every effort to deliver the final product on time.
  • Do you offer discounts for large orders?
    No. Doing larger orders is not any easier for me to do than smaller orders (in fact there is more editing, so it's actually harder), so my way of offering a discount is not charging more for doing something that is more difficult. Fair enough?
  • How does your Platinum/Gold Delivery work?
    When you purchase 'Platinum Delivery', I will deliver your order within 1-6 hrs from the time your order was purchased, and 'Gold Delivery' within 6-12 hrs from the time your order was purchased (as long as the order the order was purchased between 7am & 11pm PST... I HAVE TO SLEEP YOU KNOW!)
  • What does it mean to "Widen my Voice Over"?
    I record all of my voice overs in mono, or 'single channel' audio, which sounds like the audio is in the center. After 'widening' the voice over, it will sound like the audio is coming out of the left and the right independently, which creates a 'wider' sound. See my gig video as an example.
  • I want background music, but how do I convey what type of music I want?
    1. Match the delivery instructions given to the voice talent. "Fast paced & energetic" or "calm, soothing & relaxed"? 2. Choose a specific genre of music. 3. You could go the easy route (and most do!) and allow me to choose the music for you!
  • How does your "Insert sound FX into your Voice Over" gig extra work?
    This gig extra works in 2 possible ways: 1. Audio processing effect(s) to the voice over audio (reverb, pitch-shifting, etc), or 2. Mix sound effects in with the original audio (explosions, thunder, swishes, foley, etc) Any combination up to 5 FX per gig extra.
  • I need IVR audio for my phone system. How do I get my VO split into separate tracks?
    In addition to ordering the correct amount of gigs for your IVR script, you will need to order a File Separation gig extra. I will do up to 10 separate files for each gig extra. Any more files you will need to purchase more.
  • Your gig delivery used to 24hrs, but now it is 48hrs... what gives!?
    If you see that my gig delivery is currently 48hrs, it is because I am out of town for one day (Saturday), I do not want to put my gigs into vacation mode, so I just increase my delivery an additional 24hrs. Fear not.. once I am back in town, it will be back to 24hrs again!
  • I need voice over sync'd to my video. What all is involved in that process?
    When you place your order, give me instructions on how to sync the VO audio with your video, along with a copy of your video. When I am finished, I export the sync'd audio and send it back to you as audio only. I do not re-render your video. It is best that I send you the audio and YOU render.
  • You offer Skype Recording Sessions. How does that work? Usually Fiverr doesn't want us exchanging that type of info.
    Normally, yes. But in this scenario, they will allow it as long as: 1. I don’t give my Skype info until AFTER customers order the gig extra... 2. We can only exchange Skype info on the Order Page (not in the Inbox Conversation). It is there we will also coordinate a time to meet and record.