I will pretend that I care for fifteen minutes

pretend that I care for fifteen minutes

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  I'll give you the best twenty minutes of your life while I pretend to care about your life :) 20min. I'll actually care, listen, pity you, celebrate you and occasionally provide a wit remark :) 40min. I'll have the real talk with you, ask you the tough questions, and show you how much you matter :)
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About This Gig

Greetings my fellow friend.

I am acutely aware of one the banes of our world: loneliness.

Many of us have grown too far apart from our ideal lifestyle when we decided to make a sacrifice out of it. Yes, we turned the frugalities and little things we love into a sacrifice that now proudly decays on the shrine of success, a fading toll we willingly paid in the hopes of living a lifetime of glory, prodigious paychecks, paradisiac paid paycations (I couldn't find a synonym for vacation that started with P, so let's just roll with this one), and the like.

Alas, a creeping feeling of loneliness may be starting to settle in, perhaps you already feel caked within your alienation, with no one to hear all of the secrets perched upon your tongue, no one to care about what really matters to you, no one to cheer on your little silent successes, the ones that really count for you.

That's when I'd ask to step right in: You see, although I'm pretty comical in my title, my concerns are sincere (unless you're paying 5 dollars, in that case it's really but an act), I want to make sure that you feel listened, appreciated, validated, and most of all, cared for.

That is all, best wishes