About This Gig

- About -
Over the past 3 years I've recorded hundreds of voice-overs. In this gig I'll record for you a contemporary song.

This gig can be used for creating a demo of your original song, creating parodies of current hit songs, adding depth and harmony to your already recorded track, etc. Need an idea for your loved one's birthday or anniversary? A professional singer will always give a special touch :)

This gig is for a 2 minute song. For longer songs, please order the extra.

- Details -
✔ I need the lyrics and music / melody, I do not read music
✔ The high quality MP3 (unless specified) is delivered through Fiverr
✔ Music mixing available as a Gig Extra (you must supply the file) otherwise, an a Capella version will be delivered
✔ 48 Hour delivery!

- No no's -
✖ No adult content or swearing