I will spy on your competitors traffic

spy on your competitors traffic
spy on your competitors traffic

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Description 2 SEO / SEA Competitor Reports 4 SEO/SEA Reports& keyword research COMPLETE COMPETITOR ANALYSIS
  Full SEO, SEA & backlink report for 2 of your competitors. Full SEO and SEA report for 4 of your competitors and Keyword Research All the information you need to know about your online competitors. PREMIUM package + all gig extras
Niche Research
Seller will research domain names in a specific niche
Domain Names
Seller will come up with the number of domain names indicated and research if they are available
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Delivery time 1 day
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About This Gig

Full time conversion & SEO expert at your service

I will provide you with 2 reports for each website. An SEO report and SEA report

For the SEA Report I will find out if your competitors use Google Adwords to promote their business. If they do I will find all of the following information for EACH keyword they have advertised:

  • Exact titles & descriptions your competitors use for ALL of their ads
  • What they pay (Cost Per Click
  • The position they appear in the search engine results
  • Traffic they get to their website for that exact term
  • The total amount of monthly searches
  • ...

For the SEO report I will find all the keywords your competitors are ranked for in the Google search results.

  • The position they appear in search 
  • The total amount of monthly searches
  • Keyword Difficulty (how difficult is it to rank ORGANICALLY)
  • The Cost Per Click (for advertising purposes).
  • Traffic they get to their website for that exact term
  • Landing Pages for that particular keyword, ...

Please contact me in case of further questions or a custom order. (Also see FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are backlinks? (see gig extras)
    When any website links to another website (direct link or hyperlinked text), that is considered a backlink. Having many backlinks to your website (preferably from high authority websites) could be really beneficial to your general ranking and your domain authority as a whole.
  • What can I do with the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) report of my competitor?
    If your competitor uses Google to advertise their business, I will be able to find out all the keywords and the complete ads they have running. This can be really useful if you are looking to promote your business, because you can outbid them easily or just get great ideas for ad copy and keywords!
  • What can I do with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) report of my competitor?
    Not only will this give you great insights on how your competitor is doing in the Google search results, it will also give you great ideas for keywords you could write content about. You can compare your competitors pages and outrank them by providing your audience with even better content!
  • How many keywords can you find on my competitors?
    I will be able to provide you with the top 10000 (10K) ranking keywords / backlinks / organic competitors.