I will take a picture of your sign with my corgi

Excellent, thank you very much!
Reviewed by shaahs about 3 years ago
take a picture of your sign with my corgi

About This Gig

This is Tauri, my corgi. She's a good looking dog and she'd like to pose with your sign!

Corgis have gotten pretty popular on the internets lately, and for good reason! Their stumpy little legs and their big bat ears, they're pretty much cuteness personified. For $5, I'll take whatever text you'd like (within reason, lets not get gross :) ) and draw a sign with it to pose with my corgi. I'll take a few shots for you so you have some choices. And the photos will belong to you! I will even take requests as to whether you want her outside or inside, sleeping or awake, or if you'd her to be wearing her hot pink coat or a tee shirt.

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