I will make a strangers day

make a strangers day
make a strangers day

About This Gig

You could potentially alter the course of a total stranger's day... or even their lifetime! For just five dollars, I'll send you a video of myself performing a good deed in honor/memory of whoever you should suggest for a total stranger. You could even remain completely anonymous. If you have an idea as to what you would like me to do for this stranger, let me know! The information I'll need:
1) Your name/desired name/prefer anonymity
2) Deed to perform (or just leave it to me)
3) How to send/upload the video and to whom (via e-mail or Facebook)
4) Any particular reason why you/person to be honored/anonymous person would want to do this for the stranger. (Be it personal circumstances, religious reasons or no reason at all!)

Order Details

7 days delivery