I will play 2 league of legends games with you

play 2 league of legends games with you

About This Gig

Hi!  I will play 2 games of league of legends with you!  It can be Ranked or Normals.  I have been playing league for about 2 years, and I am was Diamond 2 at the end of Season 3.  If we play together however I will be playing on a silver 5 smurf account.   If we are playing in the lower tiers (Bronze or silver)  I can win about 90% of the games.  I specialize in jungle or mid, but I can also support.   I am open to any requests.  I am available almost anytime after 6 pm East coast time Mon-Fri, and almost anytime on weekends.  I play on the North America server.  I look forward to playing with you! :D


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