I will make a clay animation for you

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great work and the first one here who included his own ideas. that creative!
Reviewed by maushausen 3 months ago
Brilliant service! So happy with the results. Thank you!
Reviewed by ilovevideo over 1 year ago
THESE GUYS ARE GREAT! Super creative seller! It is apparent in what I received that these guys are true pros! I am already in progress on another order. I was blown away by the quality of work! Buy their gigs. It will be a fiver purchase you won't regret!
Reviewed by polkapunk over 1 year ago
Reviewed by andredawson almost 2 years ago
Thank you for the awesome claymation!
Reviewed by skillsetnc over 2 years ago
make a clay animation for you
make a clay animation for you
make a clay animation for you

About This Gig

We will make a clay animation for you with our ready made characters. We have a couple dozen clay figures, look at the second picture in this gig which has most of them. For five dollars the video shall not exceed 30 seconds. In general would mean not more than a few vocal lines between two characters.

If you want more time you can click the extra below or purchase more gigs one for every additional 30 seconds.

If you want us to use green screen and apply backgrounds you may do so by clicking the appropriate extra below as well.

If you want us to make custom made characters / backgrounds / effects this could be quite a few more gigs contact us with your needs and we can figure it out.

Note: When getting us to make a clay animated cartoon you also grant us the commercial right to add the finished video to our portfolio on our YouTube channel where others can see our work. However if you provide images, music or other media to be used in your clay animation you will retain rights to your own media and we would not upload the cartoon with your media included without your permission.