I will cast a candle magic money spell on your behalf

cast a candle magic money spell on your behalf

About This Gig

I grew up around candle magic, all that I have learnt over the years I picked up from my grandmother in the Spiritual Baptist faith. I serve clients in my local area and I am happy to bring my knowledge and offer my service here on Fiverr.
My specialties are in love, business, money & prosperity.

Powerful spell casting for money, business success, and prosperity. If you are looking for some improvement in your finances or to attract more customers to your business, then this Gig will be right for you.

NOTE: While candle magic can be a simple and easy solution to your problem(s), the outcome rest solely on your intent, belief and the energy you send out into the universe. Do not order candle magic if you are in doubt, not sure that it is right for you or don't believe in it or it will not work.

NOTE: I do not  perform black magic, please don't ask me to.

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5 days delivery

Cast a money success spell for you

I will cast a powerful money candle spell on your behalf for $15. Also, Check out my Gig extras