I will do accurate and concise web research for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
do accurate and concise web research
do accurate and concise web research

About This Gig

For this gig, tell me what you are looking for, I will spend the time looking for all the possible information online via the internet, using combinations of different keywords. Always contact me first to discuss before order, I have the right to cancel any order that is not within my expertise/capability without prior consultation. 1 gig = 30min of search, 2 gigs = 1 hour of search.

Please also contact me for a custom quote to discuss your search if you are not sure.

From the experiences, you will get most relevant and accurate information you want if you provide search criteria/filter/target as specific as possible. Then my search would be mostly very fruitful and it benefits you too!

If you have a bigger project, always buy minimum gigs (1-3 gigs) from me first, let me test your project, I'll come back to you with 30mins to 1.5 hours worth of result, and you tell me if you want more gigs from me. :)

You won't need to worry about spending too much just because too much time spent looking at wrong directions. Make Sense?