I will suggest 1 way to SIMPLIFY your solution

suggest 1 way to SIMPLIFY your solution

About This Gig

If you have a solution to a problem, I will study your solution and suggest a way to make it simpler.

Suggestions can be, for example, on

  • how to use less resources,
  • how to make the solution more consistent, or
  • how to make a process more streamlined.

Sounding Board (Gig Extra)

We will try to find a block of 30 minutes to discuss your solution and my suggestion(s) via Skype or Google Hangouts.*
Also, to enhance our experience of the discussion, we will be using a virtual whiteboard on which we can both write, draw and point with our cursors in real time. Any relevant material, such as PDFs or image files, can be uploaded to the whiteboard. At the end of our session, the whiteboard can be saved and you will receive a copy of the saved image file.

(* In case we cannot find a time slot that works for both of us due to, e.g., a difference in time zone, we will replace our video discussion by a discussion via email, where 3 discussion emails are included on my part.)

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision