I will show teens how to get a job they love

show teens how to get a job they love

About This Gig

Through years of working with teenagers, I've found that they tend to be unsure of themselves when it comes to finding a job.  They think they're "too young" for certain things, they just want "a job" and are ready to settle for anyone who will hire them.  NOT ANYMORE :) !  Any old job is not good enough.  Here are the chapters in this e-book...

1.         Why, in the world, should you have a job?

2.         How to figure out what you would love to do.

3.         How to find businesses that you want to work for.

4.         Resume – ALWAYS have a resume.

5.         Dress code – it’s not just for school.

6.         How to contact a business.  (Hint – NOT text)

7.         Interview time – one step at a time.

8.         How to follow up. (again – NOT text)

9.         If the answer is YES…

I'm super excited to get this e-book in the hands (or on the computers or phones of) teens who are searching for a job or looking for something to make them happy :)  You shouldn't spend hours every week miserable because you're not sure what to do...I would LOVE to help!  Please let me know if you have any questions before ordering.

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Get a Job 101

This e-book will show you how to find a job you love and present your best self to employers.

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