I will proof read and edit your 500 word article or ebook

proof read and edit your 500 word article or ebook

About This Gig

Not everyone really loves to sit back and stare at a bunch of pages trying to spot diverse glitches here and there in spellings and all that, but some very few actually do enjoy this part of creativity with words and the writing of them! Some just like Muah!
Leave your writing chores to me, I will not only proof read your written content, I will also do a lot of editing and tweaking anywhere I can to make your work literally pop out of the racks! And all for next to nothing.
With my hands on expert experience, you can simply go to rest knowing that the outcome of your articles will come sparkling clean and with matching proofs too.

The fastest way to lose credibility with any written content is to make mistakes in spelling and grammar in your quest to establish communication. Believe me its not worth it! Your Web page, ebook/book or article MUST be perfect!!!

If English is your second language or if you have trouble expressing yourself in writing, I am your very own 'go-to' helper.  I will proofread, edit and revise your Web page, document, blog, or ebook/book so that it is in perfect English.  I will make sure the reader understands exactly what you mean to convey.Try it out today!