I will feature Your Song on a Top Online Music Magazine

feature Your Song on a Top Online Music Magazine

About This Gig

Feature Your single on a High Quality Music Magazine

Online presence is a must for any business, in these days music content is being produced and shared all over web. I can help you get a jump start and share your music in a high quality online music magazine.

Your song will be shared on a dedicated online resource whose mission is to find and feature musical talent from all over the world. The site covers every genre across the global music spectrum, from Alternative to Indie, and from simple Mainstream to Complex Cutting Edge.

  • Your song (single) will be posted on the website with a short description.
  • Your song will never be removed from our site.**
  • The post will be indexed by Google and all search engines.
  • The post will be featured on the home page for at least one week
  • The post will be shared on our social media platforms for no extra charge via Facebook, Twitter etc...

Only share embedded songs - there for Soundcloud / Bandcamp or other platforms who allow embedding !!!

* This gig refers to one song only.

** posts may be removed in the far future via site webmaster