I will translate English to Chinese or Chinese to English

translate English to Chinese or Chinese to English

About This Gig

I provide translation services between Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) and English.  I've been using both languages for more than 30 years.

One gig covers translation of 800 English words or 800 Chinese words

Multiple gigs are to be ordered if you would like to translate more than this amount of words.

As I master both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, you may choose if you want the translation to be in simplified or traditional characters!

  • Please attach the file (doc, pdf, xls etc.) or type the texts in the message box.
  • I don't accept tertiary academic/overly technical documents. Please drop me a message to confirm if I can help with your documents before placing order.
  • For website translation, please export the texts on the website to Excel/Words file.
  • All documents and personal information absolutely confidential!
  • I reserve the right to reject objectionable content.

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