I will tell you who your current guide or angel

tell you who your current guide or angel
tell you who your current guide or angel

About This Gig

I will tell you who your guide or angel is at this time and deliver a message to help inspire, encourage or gain direction. I generally deliver within 12 hours.

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I have developed several decks and I am proficient in my knowledge of guides, angels and the higher purpose of our journey through this lifetime.

Our guides and angels often speak to us with guidance on love, family, money, health, career and self empowerment.

I will deliver a message from a guide or angel who is surrounding you now. I am as able to find the right angel or a specific angel for you to connect with in order to assist with healing and prayers and finding answers.

All readings delivered in jpg format 

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1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we have more than One Angel
    Yes, your angels and guides interact at various times and often you can have several angels and guides all working with you at the same time.
  • Do I have my very own angel or guide
    Yes you have a higher guide known as your higher self. Noone else will ever have that guide it is dedicated to you. Angels cal be family and friends who have passed or celestial energy. You may share your angels as their energetic energy has the ability to fluently flow between many other beings
  • Is there a specific angel for specific things
    YES, arch angel Michael will protect and cut cords - good for healing and protection other angels have their own strengths, be this brings children, healing the body, finding lost items, finding love or safe passage and travels.