I will answer one psychic question in great detail

answer one psychic question in great detail

About This Gig

I have been given the amazing ability know things that most people don't.  I can look into a situation and know the outcome.  I do this to help people find their path and I work strictly in the light.  I work closely with my guides, angels and Archangels.  

I can not answer questions about other peoples lives.  The question must be about you my client ONLY.  

If the question results in an answer you do not agree with please keep an open mind.  I can only tell you what I get,  I do not embellish or make up things I believe you want to hear.

In the event that it is not your highest good to know the answer my guides will not allow me to see anything if this happens please have a few other questions handy so that I can answer at least one question.