I will critique and edit your query letter

critique and edit your query letter

About This Gig

Have you written a book and now you are hoping publish it? Chances are you will need an agent or editor to fall in love with your book. In order to do this you'll need an amazing query letter.

A query letter is your chance to make a connection with an agent or editor. It is the first thing an agent will read and will set their expectations before they read your manuscript. A strong query letter can even make a difference between getting a response from an agent or not hearing from an agent.

Is your query letter free of spelling and grammar errors?

Does your query letter contain rookie mistakes that will make an agent or editor stop reading? 

Does the voice of your book, character, or your voice as a writer come across in your query letter?

I will critique and edit your query letter and give you tips for writing a query letter that connects with an agent.