I will create your patterned silhouette

create your patterned silhouette
create your patterned silhouette
create your patterned silhouette
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About This Gig

Patterned silhouettes are modern twist to a traditional silhouette and make a great framed gift, or a unique decoration for your home.

  I'll make your silhouette of any person, or pet. As long as you provide the picture.  Silhouettes are priced per person and per pet.

What's Included?
You'll receive your order as a 5 inch x 7 inch PNG file, at 300dpi (suitable for printing), unless you'd rather have a version suitable for viewing on screens or on social media, in which case the size will be 360 x 540 pixels.

Order Details

5 days delivery 1 Revision

1 person Silhouette

A solid silhouette on a patterned background or a patterned silhouette on a solid background.

  • High Resolution
  • Color
  • 1 Figure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of picture should I send?
    Profile pictures work best (a side view of the face). A higher quality picture will work better than a small one, however most phones are capable of taking a good picture these days. If you are taking pictures of friends or family for this, try to take their picture against a solid coloured wall.
  • Where are the examples of the patterns I can select?
    There is a pdf in the gallery that displays all of the options. If you are unable to see the examples, let me know, and I'll send you a copy.
  • Can you make a different pattern that is not shown?
    Sure thing! Send me a message and describe what you'd like for the pattern, and I'll let you know if it's something I can create. Some things like a simple colour change won't cost an additional price, however some requests that require more effort will cost an additional fee.