I will remix your song into EDM

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remix your song into EDM

About This Gig

So you’ve likely spent hours upon hours making your latest track and it sounds really good. You know it does. But, what if you could hear it in a completly different genre? Maybe electronic music came to your mind.
That’s where I come in. I can rebuild your tracks with a fresh perspective and set of creative ideas and make it an EDM Track.

So if you like the sound of it take a few minutes listen to a sample song (https://goo.gl/NIvE0U or https://goo.gl/YJRgTc, soundcloud links), and check if I fit your musical tastes.

  • For 1 Gig ($5) you get a demo of the remix (30-45 seconds).
  • For Gig Extra (+$5) you get the full length Remix with any change you ask after you've received the demo.
  • It is strongly recommended that you order a demo first and if you like it you can then order the full version (When order is placed just go to the order page and selecting the extra listed there or order again the gig x2).
  • You should provide *.wav or *.aiff files with the individual tracks ( or the vocal only) if you can, but if you only have *.mp3 it's fine for me.
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions (Or if you only want something simple such as electronic drums added to a track).

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