I will write a fantastic ad for your sale horse

write a fantastic ad for your sale horse

About This Gig

Horses are tons of work, and selling them is almost worse. Never mind the pre-purchase exams, trials, and finding the perfect buyer; none of that can happen without a really good ad.  Usually, they're not really good.  We've all read bad ads with those detail-poor, scrawny sentences that leave you wondering if you're buying a horse or a half-finished idea of him.

It's not necessarily the seller's fault.  Writing is tough, particularly when you're writing seriously about something that matters.  It can be hard to put everything you know and want to say about your horse into a cohesive advertisement.  That's where I come in.

Send me whatever you've got about your horse in whatever jumbled order you've got it.  I'll take bullets, run on sentences, and chaotic piles of info, links to videos, and anecdotes.  It helps to include pictures to give me an idea of what I'm working with.  I'll take all of that and turn it into a clean, beautiful single page of copy about your horse.

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