I will teach you basic english or french

teach you basic english or french

About This Gig

In this gig, individuals can get a basic knowledge on either the french or english languages it is very necessary especially here on fiver this is because of a number of reasons first and fremost, it is to help us understand the french language and be able to do translations as well as interact with one another Thus it improves our language proficiency and helps destroys barriers secondly, most at times we put up our documents for translation and the service provider goes online and gets any thing in the required language and sends to you in the end you discover it is not what your document read as a result you are in trouble. you have been duped. Where as, if you had a basic knowledge of the other language you will have tracked down such fraudulent action.
With this gig, We shall set meeting days. Also we shall agree on a medium through which tutorial videos on what has been done can be sent. Towards the end of the duration a test shall be taken to assess your know-how and performance.
Services are very affordable. Quality is guaranteed!

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14 days delivery


teaching basic english and french to interested parties

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