I will analyse and produce report of your data in MSExcel SPSS MatLab

analyse and produce report of your data in MSExcel SPSS MatLab

About This Gig

I do data extraction from the web, Analyse any kind of numerical or analog data using MS-Excel, MatLab, SPSS, Arango, and python.
I can produce reports of the data using crystal, import to PDF, MS word, and any other Format requested.
I do event prediction using given set of data e.g Population growth rate, The likely spread rate of an epidemic disease, Finacial flow analysis of a company production rate.
I shall produce excellent report useful for management decisions. 

Order Details

4 days delivery 3 Revisions

MS-Excel, Python, SPSS, MatLab

Informative Reports, Well categorised and well formatted reports. I can re-analyse and refine data.

  • 4 Sources Mined/Scraped
  • 10 Pages Mined/Scraped

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Type of Data do you Analyse.
    I Analyse any kind of data. Medical, Survey on climate, Probability of events, Projections and simulations.
  • Do you provide graphics include on your reports
    Yes, I do. I can produce Histogram, Pie Charts, Scatter Diagram and any other kind of grahics as desired.
  • What volume of data can you achieve in just two days.
    We can come up with over 150,000 data items analysed in two days if it does not include raw entry i.e is submitted electronically. We shall convert it from any form to our usable format.(free of Charge) and accomplish the analysis and reports in 48 hours.
  • Can you convert data from one format to Another?
    Yes, I can convert Text data to Numeric format with all delimiters removed and process them. I can convert a database formatted data into any other form of data table Format. I can convert Picture Data in one format to another. e.g .bmp to jpeg. I can convert a video format to another format.
  • Can merge data from different Data files to a single usable data.
    Yes, I can sort merge data and Analyse them. I can also reorganize Data files in any database to achieve query optimization.