I will use Tarot Cards to discover your past life

use Tarot Cards to discover your past life

About This Gig

I'm Cassandra, and I've been doing Tarot readings most of my life.  I've done these readings not only in my home, but also for respected online psychic networks.  I am deeply in tune with my own personal set of cards, and when I read for someone, I give their reading my complete attention and respect.  With the Tarot and my own talent as an Empath/Intuitive, I can divine for you any past life that you may have lived.  Do you often have feelings of deja vu?  Is there an era in history that you feel an unexplainable connection to?  I can give you the answers you seek and open your mind to who you once were.  All I need is your first name and three facts about yourself.  The cards do the rest.