I will cast A Telepathy reconcile love ritual for $5

/ 6 Days On Average
cast A Telepathy reconcile love ritual
cast A Telepathy reconcile love ritual

About This Gig

My Telepathy Reconcile Love Ritual to Get Back Together and Reunite With The One You Love:

Choose this basic telepathy reconcile love ritual to reconcile the love with the one you desire or to cause two other people to reconcile their love for only $5.00. This ritual is also known as a Reunite Ritual or Make Up Ritual.  However keep in mind that the $5.00 is real basic. 

I will do your work after midnight early morning.

However, If you want a strong affective work that brings the result you want, you must pick with Extra gig for better results. To be honest; energy, mind control, and materials needed for this work and it cost money. Therefore no one can do rituals with oils, powders, candles, herbs, and petition paper to write your petition for $5.00, because all these cost more than $5.00. It takes time and energy to communicate with angels and spirits to activate your request. If someone can promise all that for only $5.00 then go with them, because I honestly I cannot do that or want to take your money to do the impossible. Sorry I am just being honest. Wishing you all the best. 

If you can't see the price list or have questions, feel free to contact me and ask for custom order.