I will offer you a Personalized Hypnosis Session for $5

/ 10 Days On Average
offer you a Personalized Hypnosis Session
offer you a Personalized Hypnosis Session

About This Gig

As an energy healer and spiritual being, I have advanced my knowledge for the past 11 years with further educating myself with Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and Life Coaching. I am here offering personalized hypnosis session based around your personal needs.  

I specialize in stress disorders, smoking cessation, weight loss, public speaking, self esteem,  anxiety, fears, depression, drug addiction, anger management, self image, exam anxiety, hair pulling, infertility,natural childbirth support, motivation, overcoming procrastination & much much more.  

Hypnosis is an excellent starting point and is a a great affective approach to modify and change your old habits within a short time, definitely faster then any other methods available. 

Are you tired of your old programmings, are you ready to attract your soulmate, financial security and ultimate confidence that leads to happiness in all areas of your life.  
Look no further, click hire and let me help you. 

You are hiring an experienced expert in mind body and spirit with this amazing offer available for limited time and only good for fiverr, (valued at $300 per one hour session). 

Must Pic Basic Gig $5 + Extra!