I will do PSYCHIC Remote Influencing and Seduction With Extras

do PSYCHIC Remote Influencing and Seduction With Extras

About This Gig

The remote seduction is for anyone who can visualize or imagine only.

For Stronger Best Remote Influencing done by me - 

LUSTxPheromoneOil Sexual Attraction add Name for activation. 

Must Be Picked With Any Extra of Your CHOICE! 

The EXTRA For Remote Influencing for 15 Minutes $75, or 30 Minutes for $150,  45 Minutes for $200, or one hour for $275

If your learning style is auditory or kinesthetic, please let me know, if you are not sure what your learning style is, contact me before ordering this gig.

This gig is better than any love spells and easier than complex mind control system.

However I will do and teach you Remote Seduction to activate it with your own energy for strength; this will help you to get a new girlfriend or boyfriend (with consistent practice until it works.) The technique is used to get a new lover with certain qualities that you want or to get this particular person even if you have seen this person just one time briefly, or to get Your EX.

Pick Basic Gig for $10.00 plus any add on's Extra for best results. 

PS: Basic Gig is only for activation candle, and will not work by itself! 

The law requires to say it's 4 entertainment only!


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4 days delivery

Seduction Candle Ritual

This is a basic sexual attractant that must be ordered with any Extra of your choice