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Fun. Smiles. Laughter. Is there really any thing better than all that? Life should have more of it. That’s why Fiverr’s funny pros are always ready to supply it, so you can bottle it up, pop the cork and share it with the world. Technology makes it really easy to spread hilarious jokes, funny photo clips and videos to your friends and family. But not everybody has the skills to edit a photo, draw an awesome (and funny) cartoon of their friends, or create bizarre videos and funny sounds. Our experts have these skills and will take on your gig starting for as little as five bucks. They do the work, you get the laughs. There are so many talented folks on Fiverr, it’s not even funny (well, actually, it is funny!). Hire them to sing an original message while wearing a chicken suit, do extreme stunts for you, make wild statements while wearing tin foil on their hair, or simply provide you with a list of jokes, fun video clips or cool trivia facts. Then share it on your Facebook page and the whole world smiles with you. The possibilities are endless, no matter how you get your kicks! Whether you want to send someone a funny online birthday card, just crack someone up with a spot-on celebrity impersonation or even create a funny ringtone, browse the gigs on Fiverr to find your fun. And if you don’t find the perfect gig listed, don’t frown; just request what you’re looking for and a funny Fiverr expert will come to you.