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Content Marketing FAQs

  • What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is using written, visual or audio content to increase website traffic from your digital marketing channels whether social media, search engines or email marketing campaigns. Content marketing is part of inbound marketing, which means that instead of marketing content directly to customers, the content marketer creates content to help potential customers to find you. Typically, businesses and entrepreneurs use content marketing services to create and share quality content such as case studies, blog posts, press releases, social media posts, graphics and infographics, videos, and podcasts. Publishing engaging content helps to spread the word about a business or service to a wider target audience, enabling you to get more customers.

  • What is a content marketing strategy plan?

    A content marketing strategy plan gives an overview of goals and objectives for marketing content, and how to achieve and measure those goals. Typical content marketing strategy goals include raising brand awareness, increasing site traffic, and getting new leads. The plan will include the types of content you will create, who’s responsible for creating it, your publishing schedule, the platforms where you will publish content, and how you will measure success, such as numbers of conversions, leads, or sales.

  • Why do they say “content is king”?

    “Content is King” was the title of an essay by Bill Gates which accurately predicted that content creation would be how people would make money online. Content marketing is now the best and most effective way to reach your target audience. That’s because people no longer accept companies marketing AT them. Instead, they use tools like Google to do their own research, and make purchase decisions based on what they find. Companies that produce helpful, useful and great content get more business.

  • Why do I need a content channel plan?

    You need a content channel plan because no two content channels are the same. So you will likely create different types of content, and share that content at different times, depending on the channel. Creating a content channel plan is an essential part of creating a successful content marketing strategy. The content channel plan will help you to track content creation and usage, to ensure that it fits in with your overall content strategy, and to measure results.

  • How can content marketing improve my SEO?

    Content marketing plays a huge role in boosting SEO. Google ranks content based on its relevance to the search terms people type in. These are called keywords. When you include those search terms in your piece of content, it’s more likely to show up in search engines results and drive traffic to your site. But using content marketing to boost SEO is not just about the keywords.  It's about creating informative, valuable and great content. This type of content achieves higher search rankings.

  • How does content marketing differ for different types of businesses?

    No matter what business you’re in, you can use content marketing to promote it. However, the types of content, and where and how you choose to use that content may vary depending on the business and what your audience prefers. As part of your content strategy, you’ll research your target audience, and see which types of content and which platforms make most sense for your business. Then you’ll be able to integrate that research into an overall strategy.