I will hand format an OUTSTANDING kindle book

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by alvarovargas 4 months ago
Excelente trabajo, eficaz y rápido. Es la segunda vez que trabajo con Catherine y no defrauda. 100% recomendable.
Reviewed by fantasmas 4 months ago
Nuevamente, un magnífico trabajo. No dudes en contratarla
Reviewed by jpferrete 5 months ago
Estupendo trabajo. Totalmente recomendable.
Reviewed by algoco 6 months ago
Un trabajo impecable, excelente y rápido, además de estar hecho por una persona amable y con gran calidad humana. Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.
Reviewed by laurasu 6 months ago
Excelente atención!! Un trabajo a en verdad hermoso y profesional. Para mis próximos libros, sin lugar a dudas volveré con Catherine. Recomiendo ampliamente sus servicios de clase mundial.
Reviewed by betabandit 7 months ago
Catherine es cuidadosa de los detalles y desde el primer momento te das cuenta que estas tratando con un profesional con bastante experiencia en su área. De seguro repetiré experiencia. Feliz con el resultado.
Reviewed by darlyn16 8 months ago
Catherine es rápida, eficaz, comunicativa, proactiva y un encanto de persona. Puede que haya maquetadoras/es igual de buenas, pero seguro que no las hay mejores. Trabajar con ella es un verdadero placer, así que no lo dudes ;-)
Reviewed by ubayserra 8 months ago
Catherine es lo mejor con lo que he trabajado en todo Fiverr. Recomendable 100%!
Reviewed by fedelo 9 months ago
Desde el primer momento colma las expectativas, ajusta las peticiones y ofrece un servicio que merece una sexta, una séptima y una... estrella de más. Gracias Catherine por tu trabajo, además de la comunicación y la atención personalizada.
Reviewed by alperoista 10 months ago
Gracias, gracias, gracias!!!
Reviewed by ateneitah 11 months ago
Todo perfecto. Recomendable 100%!!!
Reviewed by josepmontalat 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by agaruz76 11 months ago
Segunda vez que contrato a Cath, segunda vez que quedo satisfecho al 100% Excelente profesional, muy necesaria si quieres que tus libros tengan un aspecto profesional y cuidado.
Reviewed by carlosmoya0 12 months ago
Como siempre. Comunicación y entendimiento perfecto. Un trabajo excelente entregado a tiempo. La recomiendo.
Reviewed by javiermunoz24 12 months ago
Excelente trabajo! Además, Cathbad ha sido de una grandísima ayuda durante todo el proceso.
Reviewed by fictionbook about 1 year ago
Me encanta publicar libros sólo para pedirle a Cathbad que me los maquete! No puede ser más genial <3!!!
Reviewed by ateneitah about 1 year ago
Muy recomendable:)
Reviewed by inuyasha1982 over 1 year ago
Ya es la segunda vez que contacto con Catherine y me parece una profesional fantástica
Reviewed by complyces over 1 year ago
Muy buena comunicación y muy contenta con la maquetación:)
Reviewed by inuyasha1982 over 1 year ago
hand format an OUTSTANDING kindle book
hand format an OUTSTANDING kindle book
hand format an OUTSTANDING kindle book
hand format an OUTSTANDING kindle book

About This Gig

I have been formatting books for Amazon since they started offering that service. 

If the format of your kindle one is not eye catching it is going to be more difficult to be sold, or even worse, you will gather bad reviews that will make you loose future buyers really fast. 

Formatting is an art, and it must be done depending on its kind. It is not the same a novel than a recipe book. Each one has its own style and it should be formatted in that way.

To achieve the best results I format each book manually, and of course adding the table of contents, the metadata, and the cover you have chosen. I will deliver it to you ready to be published without having any trouble with Amazon conversions, and if you need a cover I can suggest you reliable people I have worked with.

As a general rule I will format 10-30 pages per Gig but that depends a lot on the complexity of the formatting to be done, so, send me the book before ordering to make you my best offer.

Thanks for visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is formatting really necesary?
    Absolutely, it is essential and to get a good reading experience. A bad formatting will probably make people think that your book is not good although you may have spent a lot of time writing it. It won’t make your content better but it may ruin your book if you don't take care of it.
  • What does the formatting include?
    I will choose the most appropriate font types, styles, design, and all the other stuff needed to make your book ready to be published as an ebook looking nice, clear and unique.
  • What are you going to deliver?
    An epub file ready to be published.
  • What's the price?
    Each book is different. There are 30 pages books that made me work for much more hours than others of 200 pages. It all depends on the book and the styles to be defined. I need you to send me the book so I can estimate how long would it take the formatting and the price of it.
  • How do I know that you are the right person to format my book?
    If we have worked together you already know (just check my reviews). Otherwise don’t worry, I usually format some sample pages of your book so you can check how your book would look like eventually.
  • What if I don't like the result?
    If you don’t like the result you owe me nothing.
  • What if I need to make changes once the book is formatted?
    It is pretty normal finding out small things once the book is formatted and there is no problem with that. What it is really necessary is that you make sure that the content of your book is edited and revised before starting the formatting.
  • What kind of books do you format?
    All of them, fiction and non-fiction books, children books, etc. They can also include tables, images or other related stuff.
  • Do you have a fast delivery service?
    No, sorry, achiving a good quality result requires time. Anyway, I have to admit why someone can spend months writing a book but want it formatted in a couple of days risking all the previous done work.
  • What if I have doubts about the publishing process?
    Just ask me, I love books and I love helping people to publish them.