I will send you a CODE to UnLock your Car Radio

send you a CODE to UnLock your Car Radio
send you a CODE to UnLock your Car Radio

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  Once your information is received ~ expect to receive CODE within the same day. Receive CODE within 3 HOURS. Receive CODE in less than 1 HOUR (After all information is received).
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About This Gig

GIG will be delivered in less than 24 HOURS!

Why would you ever need a CODE for your car radio, you ask? Installing a brand new car radio or accidentally unplugged your current?  If ever, the POWER is disconnected from the radio, it will become "CODE LOCKED".

Within 24 HOURS, you will receive a CODE* that is programmed specifically for the Make/Model of your car radio set, generated only after you have provided me the necessary information. This CODE is a set of numbers that you will input into your car radio when prompted during the installation process. 

I can support a multitude of both, domestic and non-domestic car radio models.  If I am presented with a car radio's Make/Model that I am not able to re-Code, a full refund will be issued.

For Mercedes-Benz & BMW Car Stereo UnLock Codes, please check out my other GIGS.
NEED CODE WITHIN 3 HOURS? Please send me a MSG before ordering.

*This Gig is strictly data related.  I am not an expert or knowledgeable in the areas of the actual physical installation process of the car radio deck/system.*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if the CODE you sent to me doesn't work?
    If the CODE doesn't work, we will verify the information you provided and if needed, request more info & Re-Send the CODE. Full REFUND ~ If, your CODE cannot be retrieved on our end ~OR~ CODE does not work on your radio & all options have been exhausted on your end.