I will draw a dog version of you

It turned out great!! Artist was very accomodating when my submitted revisions failed to get sent through the order log and made the the minor adjustments in no time! Cant wait to have it printed, framed, and given to my dear friends!
Reviewed by emoise1 8 months ago
Professional service and quality product. Would recommend.
Reviewed by mattting 9 months ago
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again. Cheers!
Reviewed by tshenson 9 months ago
OMG. I love it. They will love it. I can't wait to order more of my whole family! Thank you so so so much!
Reviewed by maimaimao 9 months ago
draw a dog version of you

About This Gig

Embrace your canine side!

For $5, you will get a digital portrait of dog version of a person, from a photo of your choise, approximating the person expression, posture and general looks. (head only, with black and white line art and shading, and standart gradient background).

The delivered image is a .jpg file with desktop/web resolution, suitable for wallpapers, social network avatar/cover or just sharing with friends.


The prices for basic gig and coloring extra are for a person:
  • $5 for EACH PERSON that is dogified
  • $5 for EACH PERSON which dog version is full colored

The prices for other extras are per drawing (they are paid once, no matter of the number of dogs):
  • +$5 = I will make full body portrait with clothes from your photo like t-shirt, dress, wedding attire or suit.
  • +$5 = I will include items from your photo like hat, jewellery or glasses.
  • + $10 = I will add custom background from your photo or description.
  • + $20 = I will deliver it in high resolution suitable for printing

NOTE: Images produced in this gig are licensed under a 
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Order Details

15 days delivery 1 Revision


Colored dog portrait with the person's expression, posture and looks, head only

Gig Paused