I will perform usability test on your website

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by olg100 3 months ago
Thanks a lot, great help from your side!
Reviewed by brigadir12 4 months ago
Communication was poor on my end as I fell ill after buying the job. The seller made some reasonable assumption in order to progress without my interaction and I was very pleased with the results considering the constraints. The deliverable document was plain, but informative and had good structure.
Reviewed by evanunrue 7 months ago
Excellent report, thank you!
Reviewed by greatlikemedia 7 months ago
perform usability test on your website

About This Gig

On the Web, usability is a necessary condition for survival. If a website is difficult to use, people leave. There are plenty of other websites available; leaving is the first line of defense when users encounter a difficulty.  In order to make your website successful you need to raise its level of usability. 

I will examine your website interface and judge its compliance with recognized usability principles (Nielsen heuristics). Results are given as problem descriptions with reference to the various usability principles. Also, for every problem I will give you the screenshot which shows that problem. (1 gig - 1 webpage)

I'm also offering you two additional methods for usability testing via Gig Extras: 

  • Cognitive walkthrough - I will simulate user interaction with the site interface while doing specified task, and I will record every problem that I run into while solving that task. I will also estimate completion time.
  • Usability checklist - I will rate your website based on detailed usability checklist which includes ~200 questions about every important aspect of the site. Result are given as usability indexes (%) for every analysed part. You will also get answered checklist as well. 

Order Details

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation of 1 webpage

2 days delivery