I will record Game Character Voices

record Game Character Voices
record Game Character Voices
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Description Silver Screen Voice Gold Star Voice Platinum Award Voice
  This is just a basic level of the Gig. This is for anyone who is looking for a small personal file. This is an upgraded model from the standard package, for buyers looking for more than personal use This package contains all prior packages, and even more revisions. Higher price but you get more out
Script Proofreading
The seller will correct your script language and grammar.
HQ Audio File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
Separate Files
A recording that is conveniently divided into separate files.
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
The seller will create the written script for the voiceover.
Background Music
Seller will include royalty-free background music and/or sound effects
Style Options
The number of voice variations (accents/styles) delivered.
1 2 3
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
0 1 3
Delivery time
Number of words
This Package includes 100 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $10.
This Package includes 250 words. For each additional 200 words, the price is $20.
This Package includes 500 words. For each additional 300 words, the price is $30.

About This Gig


Do you need a voice for your Video Game Character or Animation Project? How about an Epic Voice for a trailer? Well you've come to the right place!

How to Buy: 

1-100 words             $5

101-250 words       $15

251-500 words       $30

500-700 words       $30 + $15 gig extra  ($45 total)

701-1200 words    $30 + $50 gig extra ($85 total)

Some Character Styles/Impersonations I Can Do:
  • Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
  • Shaco (League of Legends)
  • Graves (League of Legends)
  • Ezreal (League of Legends)
  • Soldier 76 (OverWatch)
  • McCree (OverWatch)
  • Reaper (OverWatch)
  • Optimus Prime (Transformers)


Mic: Blue Yeti Pro

Software: Adobe Audition CC

Booth: Professional Recording booth with acoustic treatment 

rules to follow:
  • 1 Gig is No longer than 100 words. (If you are unsure how long your script may take, please don't hesitate to ask me and I will reply if it is a 2+ gig job)
  • If the requested scripts length is longer than 100 I will ask for you to pay the respective amount for the word capacity.
  • No racial discrimination or targeted hate.
  • explicit language is something I can work with but please don't make it too vulgar.