I will reblog 10 of your fashion post to Tumblr

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reblog 10 of your fashion post to Tumblr
reblog 10 of your fashion post to Tumblr
reblog 10 of your fashion post to Tumblr

About This Gig

For $5, I will reblog your women's fashion related post (10 of them) to my 30,000+ followers. I will post them at my peak hours between 1pm and 2:30pm daily.

Post requirements: 
  1. Must be high resolution photos (like stock images)
  2. Must be related to women's fashion
  3. Must be PG 13 (no religious, political, adult content allowed)
  4. No external links (links leading outside of Tumblr) unless you purchase gig extra
  5. It can be ads, with websites listed in the photo, just no external links listed in the description unless you purchase gig extra

What I need from you:
  1. links to the post you want posted 

What you can expect: 
I will post your pictures about 10 minutes apart between 1PM-2:30PM EST.

Benefits to purchasing my gig:
  1. I don't require you have a blog for a certain amount of time (blog must be 3 months old? Not with me)
  2. You are allowed a revision (I go back & try again if you are unhappy).
  3. I am quick, don't let the amount of time stated for this gig fool you, I usually have it done in a day or two, if you purchase the extra fast delivery, I will have it done in a day.
  4. More exposure (your post goes out infront of 30,000+ people!)

Order Details

4 days delivery 1 Revision

10 Women's Fashion Post reblogs

Get 10 women's fashion post rebloged to 30,000+. Great way to get more exposure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many visitors to my website will I get?
    That number is unknown, you may get some or you may get none. Tumblr users like to stay within Tumblr, so it is more likely you will get follows and notes. However, if you have a really hot item, people will more than likely visit your website.
  • Why do you reblog my post between 1 pm and 2:30 pm ?
    That is when most of my followers are active. They are liking post, following, and reblogging. In order to get you the most exposure I can, I post between those times!
  • I didn't get the expected amount of reblogs, what do I do now?
    All I can do is post your material, and see if it gets the notes desired. You do get 1 revision. If you are unsatisfied, i will post them again and see if that helps.