I will do a 20 minute CLICKFUNNELS consult with you via Skype

do a 20 minute CLICKFUNNELS consult with you via Skype

About This Gig

Hey there!

This gig is for anyone who would like to talk Clickfunnels for 20 minutes. 

I'm setting it up in conjunction with my popular Clickfunnels Funnel Setup Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/cdn1988/create-one-sales-funnel-on-clickfunnels  

You can use this gig for any of the following purposes: 

  • You'd like to discuss your funnel with me or give me an overview before placing an order for me to execute it
  • You're not sure how to work a certain feature on Clickfunnels and need me to show you via screenshare
  • You'd like to watch me set up your funnel (up to 3 pages) - note - this will probably take longer than 20 minutes, in that case, while on the call, you agree to me adding in the extra time inside the gig workroom in 20 minute increments

What this gig is NOT for: 

Asking me for "ideas" for your funnel if you have no starting point at all (please contact me for a custom gig in this case)

How you set an appointment: 

Once you place an order, I will send you 5 time slots to choose from over the next 3 days. If you want to talk with 24 hours guaranteed, please place an order with the "extra fast" option added!

Order Details

Base Consult

20 Minute Clickfunnels Strategy Consult

3 days delivery
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