I will write a high quality 500 word article

write a high quality 500 word article

About This Gig

I write articles like I travel. First a decision is made. Then a destination is chosen. Preparations are then made for that particular destination and then I embark on the trip. I must then decide how the overall trip was like. That becomes the conclusion.

Formulating the article idea is the decision. I will then decide on the special points that I want to write about. The preliminary research and angle which I will take to the topic comes to the fore. I will then have an outline of the work. I will also decide the target audience and set the tone. The intro has to be compelling. The body will fully explore the pros and cons. At the end I will write the conclusion. I will leave readers with a thirst for more information on the topic.

My name is Cece Celestina. I am an expert writer. I studied languages and creative writing at Berkley. I have helped hundreds of bloggers and publications. I now ask that you trust me to write your 500 word article for you for only $10 to be delivered in 5 days. I believe in the quality of my work. If you are not completely satisfied, I insist that you send me an email for a full refund.

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