I will write academic and research papers

write academic and research papers

About This Gig

My name is Cece Dube. I studied languages and creative writing at Berkeley. I also studied law from the University of Swaziland. I have ten years of first hand extensive experience in academic writing.

You have been given an assignment to complete and submit. You find yourself sitting and staring at the blank page before you; then you must know that what you have before you is an academic writing mountain.

Academic writing is like no ordinary writing. When I write academic pieces I do not just write to fill out blank pages. Academic writing is for illuminating issues, presenting reports, disseminating information, and highlighting two sides to a coin which would otherwise remain hidden.

Ultimately, one must chose a side to go with and aim to convince the reader of the document that their choice is the best and why the reader should also buy into their idea. Before all that however, one must first collect and analyze all evidence that relates to the subject matter.

I offer a gig to research and write academic documents for $5 for a 200 word document.

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