I will create an AMAZING natural video testimonial for $5

create an AMAZING natural video testimonial
create an AMAZING natural video testimonial

About This Gig

I will be interpreting your 50 word script *in my own words* $5 gets your 50 word script delivered. REMEMBER interpret means that I will use your script as a GUIDELINE so it WILL NOT be read word for word!

Every additional 50 words after the first 50 words is $10
EXAMPLE: 145 word script = $25

If you want your 50 word script memorized and read word for word it is a $20 extra.

 Please ROUND UP  EXAMPLE: 100 word script = 2 gigs ($15) / 60 word script = 2 gigs ($15)  -- swearing requires a $10 extra to be added to your order.

  •  A 50 word script equals out to either a 15 sec - 40 sec video depending on the script and pace of delivery.

I can write the script for you at $10 per 50 words if needed.

If after the video is recorded and delivered to you there are mistakes within the script and it isn't my fault (for example mispronounced a word or phrase) you will have a re-do fee of $10 for me to re-do the video with the necessary changes.