About This Gig

Are you using WordPress? I can help you develop your website, add functionality & manage site content for prices starting at $5. I charge $5 to fix ONE SMALL, EASY, SIMPLE ISSUE ONLY. Anytime you find yourself saying you need help with "this...&" - that became two issues! So purchase another gig! If you have questions, don't assume send a note! $5 buys a gallon of milk in Los Angeles, so don't get carried AWAY! COMMON ISSUES: navigation,  problems w/ content, header issues, adding your logo  uploading media, installing a plugin, CSS, colors & fonts, theme settings/instructions, embedding videos, creating forms, plugin suggestions, website critique and more! If you have a more complex problem, such as building a website, customizing your WordPress template or starting an online store or I can provide a quote. Currently, I am NOT taking any javascript, jquery, upgrade issues, slider/carousel, slow loading sites, or permalink issues. I reserve the right to refuse any business I think is not a good fit for me or my skills! MSG ME FIRST! I GET TONS OF MAIL SO I'LL TRY MY BEST TO RESPOND QUICKLY.