I will make and syndicate your audio advertisement to millions

make and syndicate your audio advertisement to millions

About This Gig

Unique Audio Advertisement syndicated to Spotify, Amazon, eMusic, iTunes, Deezer, Wireless networks and many many more! 

Economic Force:
The cost of implementing this advertising technique has hit the $5 mark! We've been waiting two years to hit this price point.

Social Force:
One of the changes in our society is that people need to hear an ad several times before it becomes effective.  Advertisers face the problem of having to pay per engagement or impression.  Advertisers need a way to pay only ONCE so their ROI automatically IMPROVES over time - like an investment.  

Technological Force:
This solution requires the ability for an ad to be syndicated to as many places as possible. My company now has the ability to provide mass-exposure of an ad to several platforms so it can be heard more and more each day without the advertiser having to pay for it.  

Remember: A Fixed Cost + Unlimited Reach = Cost Per Impression Keeps Getting Better

Hiring me to record  and distribute a short ad for you is the most effective advertising decisions that can be made.  (up to 40 words for $5, up to 75 words for $40).  You will be so pleased with this!!

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