I will metal growl or scream for your song or greeting

Hi, Centiscream provided me excellent service. Timely delivery with several takes to choose from. I ended up using 2 takes combined and now the song is ready for mixing and mastering. I highly recommend "Centiscream" !!!!!
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metal growl or scream for your song or greeting
metal growl or scream for your song or greeting

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Description 60 seconds of screaming! Two minutes of screaming! Full 3-minute song!
  Happy birthday greeting, Christmas, anything! OR need just one or two lines screamed in a song? I will scream/growl in your song for up to two minutes. I'll help you on lyrics! 3 minutes of screaming. I'll help you on lyrics!
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About This Gig

Low growls, middle screams, high screams, pig squeals, gutturals!

My prices are extremely low because I just started on Fiverr! Don't miss out on this opportunity! 

FOR ALL PACKAGES: Double layered takes, consolidated .wav, 44.1/48 kHz, recorded professionally! I will help you write lyrics and give you feedback!

FOR $5: I will scream/growl anything that can fit in 60 seconds. (35-40 words, depending on the amount of syllables). Want a bizarre happy birthday greeting? A weird anniversary gift? Want me to say something dark that most people would be disgusted by? I have no limits for what I can say.

FOR $10: Do you need a verse or two in a song with impressive unclean vocals? Up to two minutes!

FOR $15: I will do a FULL-SONG (up to 3 minutes) of unclean vocals

For all of the above, I will work with you closely via message or Skype!

I can do a variety of screams, mentioned in the FAQ and above. Specify which one(s) you want me to do.

I'll throw in some slight mixing on the recording if I believe it's necessary if you want. Compression and EQ to balance things out.

If you have an idea for a custom gig, feel free to message me!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What styles of screaming can you do?
    Deathcore, Metalcore, Death metal, Black metal - pretty much any genre that requires screamed or growled vocals. High screams, low screams, middle screams, pig squeals, gutturals!
  • What accent do you speak in?
    I'm a native born American from Los Angeles California, so my content will sound as such.
  • Can you also clean sing?
    Yes, though it isn't my strength, I will try my best for you if I believe I can do it. Just let me know via message beforehand.
  • How skilled are you at screaming/growling?
    I have been screaming/growling for almost four years now. I have worked with bands in the past so expect me to deliver an impressive performance for you :) If you want a live demonstration of my screaming via Skype free of charge, message me!