I will help you Fix or Use, your Windows Computer

help you Fix or Use, your Windows Computer

About This Gig

I am an Computer Tech, with 20 years working in the Field. I've worked with Dozens of companies, from Coldwell Banker, to Tiffany's Jewelery. As well as working with these mega-companies, I have worked with hundreds of people, like YOU, in their homes.

I will help you kill viruses, install Virus software, etc.

Resolve windows problems.

Resolve Hardware problems, to the best of my Ability.

ADULT OK!: I am very familiar with, and, am UN-phased by Adult sites, and Adult Material. I  care not, what is on your PC, or what you use it for. I will gladly help you, resolve your issue.

I am friendly and Patient. You will have a pleasant communication with me.

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2 days delivery