I will buy a cup of coffee

buy a cup of coffee

About This Gig

Really, I'll buy a cup of coffee - on you!  Look, in all honesty, I love coffee and probably drink a pot each day while working.  On the other hand, it is nice to go out and buy a cup at the local bean house and you can help me do it!  
After I've done a great job fpr you, I'd invite you to buy me that cup of joe - that's what this is - just that and nothing more.  You're giving me $5 to send me to get a coffee - for me.  No words, no SEO, no copy ... just a simple "thank you" from you to me in the form of hot water that got run through some crushed beans. 
Try this ONLY if I've helped you to win the war of words that is copy and content creation and only AFTER I've been an asset to you and your company.

...and Thanks!