I will produce synthpop style music for your project

I needed something on short notice, and Chadlee was fantastic about communicating with me and getting my order done quickly! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by inklarpgm about 1 month ago
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Composer is timely, professional, and wonderful to work with. I will certainly be purchasing more work from Chadleeskrikker and definitely recommend other do the same.
Reviewed by losteidolons 2 months ago
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Very happy with the final product! Great communication and was happy to take the extra time to get it right.
Reviewed by lawdance 6 months ago
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produce synthpop style music for your project

About This Gig

Working on a short film, indie game or any other creative project?

Want some vintage-style synthpop? 

I will produce 30 seconds of 80s-style instrumental synthpop per $5. From upbeat and bright to slow and moody, I can compose and produce the perfect track for your project.

- Unlimited revisions
- Full licence granted
- Optional looped version for free

Check out the gig extras and my Soundcloud page: 


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