I will create an Access database, iterative development

create an Access database, iterative development

About This Gig

This gig is intended to support a reasonable-cost Access database development using an iterative design process. In other words, the complete development of a large Access database will take place over several gig orders rather than one large gig. Because of this "pay as you go" plan, I am able to provide development at a lower cost to you.

The first iteration package starts with 3 objects of your choice; tables, queries, forms, or reports for only $5, with additional objects charged at a rate of $5 and coding for $20 per page of code. Subsequent gigs will be provided as custom offers based on the overall design requirements.

Please ask me for a custom gig. I may decline direct orders because the pricing or delivery time calculations may not be accurate.

Serious offers and requests only. I will charge accordingly to develop a database that mirrors software sold for hundreds of dollars elsewhere. 

Professional business database development. This gig is not intended to support school assignments.

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